Anne Davis, Director, Gardiner Public Library

A good grant writer must believe in the mission of the organization and they should be able to tell the story of that organization in the request. Gay Grant and Dorcas Miller support the Gardiner Public Library by being advocates, consumers and members of the Gardiner Public Library. They listen to their client’s needs, and create a narrative that illustrates the need to the grantor. Their passion and understanding for all that a public library does for its community makes them the perfect grant writing team for us. They have successfully written many grants for us because they believe wholeheartedly in the organizations that they help. I highly recommend the Write Way!

Roger Pomerleau, Co-Writer for “Climbing March Hill

“I had the pleasure of serving on a volunteer board with Gay Grant and as a result became aware of her professional writing abilities. So, when the time finally came for me to develop and write my Down East Sci-Fi Comedy script “Climbing March Hill,” I asked Gay Grant to join the writing team. Gay is a brilliant wordsmith with a natural talent for comedy and with great insights into human nature, leading to the all-important well-rounded characters required for screen play success. Gay did all her magic while interacting with four other co-writers. Team writing is an intense process. Gay Grant pulled out the best qualities in each member of the team, resulting in a productive and entertaining screen play writing project.”

David S. Hurst, M.D., PhD, author of Freedom from Chronic Ear Infections: The Role of Allergies and the Way to a Cure, 2011, Back Channel Press.

“Gay Grant’s editing and organizational skills were invaluable to me as I wrote my book while simultaneously running a busy medical practice. Gay helped me to translate complex medical information into a readable format for adults and parents of children with allergies. Gay is adept at engaging and exciting readers, as well as being able to explain complex material in lay terms. Gay is a terrific wordsmith and editor, as well as a delight to work with, timely and meets deadlines. Thanks to her, my book is now published and is helping people better understand allergies and find effective treatment. ” 

Sample Grants

  • Drug-Free Communities Support 
  • 21st Century Learning Center
  • Carol White Physical Education
  • Davis Family & Education Foundations
  • Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation
  • Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
  • Maine Community Foundation
  • Maine New Century Collections